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Rising Flame specializes in web site design and development. We use our knowledge, talents, and creativity to create professional and functional sites that will attract a wide audience. Then by working closely with our customers, we present the exact image necessary to keep that audience coming back and referring others so that your business grows in leaps and bounds.

Recent statistics show that approximately 75% of Americans are now online. That means over 205 million people, just in the US alone, have potential access to your web site Just imagine if even a quarter of 1 percent of those people visited your web site That's 512,500 people! Of course, many people will not necessarily be interested in the products or services that your company is offering. But the numbers are quite staggering and we can get your company on the Internet so that you can start taking advantage the possibilities.

Rising Flame can create just about any web site imaginable, but our most popular offering is shown below to give an idea of what many companies are asking for, or you can Contact Us for a quote on your specific needs.

Small Business Web Presence ($700-$1000 depending on content)

  • Home page with company logo, address and phone number, 1-3 paragraphs of information, 3-5 bulleted points of interest, 1-3 relevant graphics, and links to other information on Web site
  • Services/Products page detailing the company offerings and how they can help the visitor. This could include multiple pages to give enough detail on all the services or products. If there are more then a couple dozen products, a database with accompanying descriptions will be created
  • About Us page that gives information on the company by providing four to ten paragraphs of material detailing the company's identity
  • Contact Us page that will show contact information about the company. A form can also be created that allows a visitor to send an email directly with any questions they may have regarding your business
  • Related Links page to increase traffic to your web site by enticing visitors and associated businesses to bookmark the site and return. This can also be used to have other businesses link to your site in return for linking to theirs
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