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Duck Buster Kennels developed in May 2003

Duck Buster Kennels is a dog training and hunting business that specializes in great hunting and companion dogs. With over 30 years of hunting experience, Duck Buster Kennels can provide the training necessary for your dog to be the hunting companion you've always wanted.

Dave Steinhaus developed in May 2004

Dave Steinhaus located a stone face while hiking through the Owyhee Mountains in Idaho that, as far as is known, has never been discovered before. He took pictures of it and has had numerous articles written about his discovery.

Winfield's Jewelry developed in August 2004

Winfield's is a by appointment jeweler that specializes in diamonds and colored gemstones from around the world. With some of the best prices around, un-matched quality, and service that has gained them a reputation World Wide, Winfield's is the ideal place to purchase an engagement, anniversary, or "I love you" gift.

Tool Taggers, LLC. developed in November 2004

Tool Taggers is a commercial and residential inventory company that will provide you with a database content list of your property that includes a make, model and serial number. The combination of a written and photo inventory will help you provide police the information they need to recover and return your property. Your insurance claims can be expedited because you have proof of owning the property and what it looked like. 

Treasure Valley Hunting Retriever Club developed in March 2005

The Treasure Valley Hunting Retriever Club (TVHRC) was formed in 2002 to provide an association for dog owners who want to train their dogs to become better hunting and Hunt test companions. The club is dedicated to helping the treasure valley area develop well-trained hunting retriever dogs. TVHRC is also dedicated to help local dog owners to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to train a well-rounded hunting retriever. We utilize both public and private land to hold our training sessions, Picnic Test and Hunt Test. Currently in Development

Katie Rosenberg is one of Treasure Valley's premier Real Estate Agents and is working with Rising Flame to provide a professional web site that will enable her to service her clients in person and in the virtual world of the Internet. Currently in Development is a second business by Winfield's Jewelry that focuses on the cubic zirconium market. Their previous website was difficult to use and did not provide the type of revenue that they were looking for. After seeing the phenomenal growth experienced by their Winfields website, they quickly asked us to redesign this site as well so they can quickly grow their business.

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