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Internet Marketing

When it comes to promoting a web site, the best place to do so is on the Internet itself. This could also take the form of email. This is because no one is more then a click away if they are online. By taking advantage of the "immediate action needed" factor, you can spur visitors to your web site and your business.

5 Keys to Promoting Your Web site

  • Focus your efforts online
  • Emphasize email
  • Find users when they are looking for you
  • Get users involved in site promotion
  • Encourage immediate action

With online word-of-mouth advertising, your web site can grow beyond thought. This could include bulletin boards, chat rooms, email, instant messaging, etc. When your users and customers love your site, they will tell others about it.

Methods that can be used to create or "beef-up" your Internet Marketing are;

  • Tell-a-friend programs
  • Email programs
  • Linking strategies
  • Online advertising

Or even a combination of the above methods. There are just as many ways to drum up business for web site as their is for your "brick and mortar" company. And by taking advantage of both types, you can drive even more visitors and revenue to your business.

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