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Web Hosting

Hosting your web site on the Internet is the end result that businesses are looking for. Rising Flame uses high-grade, commercial servers that have up-times of 99.9% and are monitored 24/7. This ensures that your web site is available to visitors at all times.

Rising Flame high-speed commercial web hosting servers offer outstanding features incorporated in a value package. Our prices are based upon the amount of space needed on the server, the amount of bandwidth used, and E-commerce options (if any). Otherwise, each and every web site we host has the following features as well as many others.

Rising Flame Web Hosting Features

Unlimited email accounts SSL email encryption
Email forwarding Auto responder support
Unlimited email aliases Robust security
Domain name registration Search engine registration and optimization
Detailed graphs and statistics of your web site usage Electronic Commerce with secure servers and shopping carts
Mailing list support Dedicated IP address
Password protected directories CGI capability
State-of-the art data centers Multimedia application support
Database support Triple data backup
Unlimited FTP users Anonymous FTP access
SFTP support Multiple T3 connections
Access to raw log files  
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