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Graphic Design

A web site should be functional, usable, and clear, but that doesn't mean that it can't be visually exciting as well. Visual design of the site is of vital importance and must correlate well with other marketing material already in use to ensure that your brand is well defined.

Rising Flame uses a wide mixture of graphic design applications and techniques to create a pleasing and visual experience. We moderate it with the correct amount of text and information so that your visitors feel comfortable in their visit.

We can create logo's for a company to use on the web, in print, or both. This enables a business to have a consistent look on all their material and helps to create a "brand" image.

Equally important is the colors used, and the way in which it is presented. By using the web conventions that have been developed, Rising Flame can properly design graphics that present the image desired on your web site without distracting the user from what they are really there for, information.

Sight is our strongest sense, and humans respond on an emotional level to visual stimulation. If the design of a web site is dark colored, it provides a different feeling then if it's bright and cheerful. By working closely alongside our customers, we create the correct visual effects that will portray the exact feeling that is wanted in the web site.

Other graphic options that are available include;

  • Corporate identity packages
  • Logo's for use on the web
  • Logo's for use in print and the web
  • Animation graphics for that extra "wow" factor

Contact us today for more information on our graphic designs and how Rising Flame can build the stimulating images that will excite and intrigue your customers.

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