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Domain Names

Registering your domain name is an important part of creating an Internet presence and is usually the first item determined when creating a web site. When choosing a name it's important to consider the clarity of it, the legality of it, and whether it's available. Rising Flame will work with you to consider all the possible options and then determine which ones are available. Once a domain name is decided upon, we will register it for 3 years so that there is no need to worry about it being taken by someone else.

There are usually 4 types of web site names:

  • Dot-com names: This type of selection would entail choosing a common name that describes your business and then add a .com to the end of it. Sites such as eToys or would fit this type of naming convention.
  • Unusual names: These names would be something that has no real known meaning attached to it and then has your business create that meaning. Names such as or would be examples of this.
  • Combination names: The next option would be a combination of the above two approaches. You want a name that is memorable and clear so that it sticks in users minds and gives an idea of exactly what you offer. These are names such as AskJeeves or Babycenter.
  • Business names: The last type of name that can be used is taking your business name and adding a .com to the end of it. This has become the most common naming convention recently and can help to build your brand online as well as off. An example would be this web site which takes the company name of Rising Flame, Inc. and converts it to

If you already have a domain name, Rising Flame can use that name to create your web site and then host it on our servers or a web hosting company of your choosing. For more information on this, see our Web Hosting information and prices.

Rising Flame can also transfer your domain name to our servers which gives more control over changes made to your domain and web site and results in a lower price. We usually recommend this to ensure that developing your web site is hassle-free.

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