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E-commerce sites are for any company that sells products or services directly to its customers through catalogs, retail stores, or one-on-one such as many home based businesses do. Rising Flame uses a number of different E-commerce shopping carts that allows a business to sell one product to hundreds or even thousands of products. This allows a company to modify its offerings based upon the month or season and enables you to reach the necessary markets with your products.

Online consumer spending totaled an estimated $87.8 billion in 2003. Of this, an estimated $52 billion is attributed to retail sales. By selling your products online, you are able to reach a much larger market with less overhead. Rising Flame can show you how to take advantage of this online market and how to best position yourself to sell your products on the Internet.

Today's E-commerce customer is looking for a basic, easy-to-navigate web site with great images that help them to easily decide upon what they want to buy. They are looking for an enjoyable shopping experience, and with Rising Flame's help, you can give that to them.

Your typical online customer wants;

  • Competitive prices
  • Easy navigation to the products they are looking for
  • Security when submitting credit card and personal information
  • Customer service that is responsive and helpful

Rising Flame E-commerce solutions take the above wants and incorporates them into an easy to use shopping interface that is secure and user friendly.

Working with our clients, Rising Flame will build an E-commerce site that will draw customers back time and again. And as your customer base increases, so will your sales. Then you can start taking advantage of other revenue models such as advertising and generating leads for your off-line business. The potentials are unlimited!

Contact us today for a quote on getting your own E-Commerce site up and running so that your business can take advantage of the large consumer market that is the Internet.

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